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You are playing as a cat whose sole purpose is to hunt ghosts lurking about the house. Toting your backpack for holding objects and candle for light, you are about to enter the house to collect the necessary crystals in order to capture the ghost. You can use salt to slow down the ghost if you feel it is being too fast. But be careful, for when your candle burns out, your time is up!


W or up key to move forward, S or down key to move back.

This game was inspired by the existing game “Phasmophobia”. Phasmophobia is a game where you can play alone or with up to 3 other friends. The goal is to use your resources such as an EMF reader, spirit box, smudge sticks, etc. to determine the type of ghost. The ghost will leave clues behind and based on which clues they are, the player can rule out other possibilities. The player spawns in the back of the truck parked on the street outside the house. Pawltergeist is similar in the sense that the player is up against a ghost, the game takes place at a house, and the player will load in some sort of vehicle. Although, in our game, you will play as a cat and be able to actually capture the ghost. Unlike Phasmophobia the player will use a type of object (crystals) to restrain the ghost so they can capture it. It’s kind of similar, but it won’t be as scary, but instead have cute elements to balance it out.


Pawltergesit Game 11-2-2022.zip 42 MB

Install instructions

Windows compatible only, at this time.  Download all content and open on your computer.

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